Frost is one of the Special/Badge Class alongside Wind Dancer,Gladiator,Jester,Phantom and Pumpkin,His role is Assassin,he is a High Damage Dealer and Armor Breaker,Good against Tank Classes but very lack of health,he is very hard to survive in the match,use him well or die in the match,He can be obtained in Cold Storage using Stalker.


Left Click:Frozen Dagger

Slash at the enemy and deals 220 damage,0.4s cooldown.

Ability 1:Frozen Burst

The user blink forward and leave a ice clone behind,turn stealth,after a sec,the clone explode and deal 250 damage to enemies near to it,apply Armor Break Effect.4s cooldown

Ability 2:Frozen Shard

Create a wave of ice shards forward,deal 275 damage,apply Armor Break Effect,4s cooldown.

Critical:Ice Age

The user create a long wave of ice shards forward and deal ??? damage and Apply Frozen Effect