Gladiator is one of the Special/Badge Class alongside Wind Dancer,Frost and Jester,its Role is Brawler,It is a Taunter and Stabber,Carefully using Taunt during the match,you may apply Armor Break but also give them the Attack Buff.Can Be Obtained on Sky Castle using Spearman


Left Click:Trident Thrust

Thrust at the Enemy,dealing 170 damage,0.4s cooldown.

Ability 1:Taunting

The user taunt to the enemies etiher nearby or around him,Apply Armor Break to them but also give them Attack Buff,6s cooldown.

Ability 2:Net Toss

The user toss the net to the enemy that deal 100 damage and apply Slow effect,8s cooldown.

Critical:Rampage Mode

When active,Increases movement speed and increases attacks.