The Hunter is one of the advanced classes in the game. It's mostly a debuffer; however, it has ranged attacks as well.


Left click: Hunting Arrow

Shoots out an arrow that deals 200 damage. It has a 0.4 second cooldown.

Ability 1: Bear Trap

Places a trap ~20 studs away from you that goes almost invisible. Could vary if placing from an non-elevated piece of terrain. It applies the trap effect for 3 seconds when stepped on by another opponent.

Ability 2: Hunter Sight

A square will fly straight ahead for ~50 studs that causes the marked debuff for ~10 seconds. It increases damage from the one who marked the opponent by 25%.

Critical: Flaming Arrows

Shoots 5 flaming arrows in a cone in front of you after a 0.5 second delay. They apply the burning effect and each arrow deals ??? Dmg.


Pros Cons
Can trap oppenents. People can look at where

traps at if they pay close enough


Has debuff abilities The classes main uses rely on there



  • As you walk around the map, try to place traps in places where people might usually be at. (Some examples might be around the middle of the map, or at corners.)
  • If you get caught in close range with a cocky melee user, just throw a trap at him and spam him with the attack combo described below.
  • Try to get your target in this order for maximum damage potential; Trap > Mark > Crit > Attack (Repeat last one until oppenent breaks free or dies)
  • If you aren't getting chased, or if you have claimed the middle, place traps randomly to make people less likely to engage on you, or if they do, you have the advantage.
  • If you engage with another trap-like class, then you should try to get your traps on your side of the field before you start to throw traps at your oppenent. It's like bullet hell, but the bullets are stationary. (besides your left click weapons and abilities)
  • If you can't seem to land a trap on your oppenent, mark them and give them a bullet hell. Your bullets will do more damage if they hit while the targets marked.

Overall (Varies)

The play style of this class mostly involves in trying to get your opponent to hit one of your traps, or get withered by your semi-weak bullet hell. When your opponent lands in one of your traps, you will need to act quickly in order to perform that combo showed earlier before the traps debuffs wear off. If you do pull it off, you will either drain your opponent with a lot of hp, sending them to the hills, or force them to play defensively.