Lancer is one of the Master Classes,its Alongside Monk,Paladin,Tactician,Grenadier and Other Masters,its Role is Brawler/Tank,You can use him only if you have a Master Badge in the Game,Hes Good at stunning his enemies in sight,Has a lot of Health,Use him if you prefer stunning your enemies


Left Click:Lance Swing

Swing at the enemy,Deals 165 damage,0.4s cool down

Ability 1:Shield Burst

After 2s delay while gain Defense Buff,do the AoE attack to nearby enemies,deals 100 damage and Apply Stun Effect,5s Cool down

Ability 2:Piercing Lunge

The user charge for one second then dash forward,dealing 300 damage and ignoring armor,5s Cool down

Critical:Omega Needle

After 1s delay,the user charge forward and deals ??? damage to the first enemy hit