The mage is one of the Basic classes you start out in game, alongside Theif, Warrior, and Archer. It's a pure ranged class, meaning it could have difficulties with dealing with melee classes.


Left click: Pulse Shot

Shoots out 3 magic bullets with a 1 second cooldown. They each deal 100 damage to the target.

Ability 1: Stop Spell

After a 0.5 second delay, you will shoot out a square up to 20 studs that will freeze the target for 1.5 seconds.

Ability 2: Pulse Sphere

Shoots out 1 big magic bullet that deals massive damage. It deals 300 damage to the target.

Critical: Ultimate Explosion

After a 0.5 second delay, you will summon a more massive magic ball that explodes on impact or after a few seconds. Does 650 damage.


Pros Cons
Short Ranged


Short Ranged


Attacks go through


Long delays between

Left Click attack.


  • In-game: "1 Shot Kill"
  • Try to freeze your opponent using stop spell before using your other abilities on him.
  • Your critical should be the first thing that you cast right after you manage to freeze your opponent, then Pulse Sphere. You will deal more damage then if you just cast Pulse Sphere.
  • Your critical should only be used unless you read that your opponent will walk right into it or if he/she's frozen.

Overall (Varies)

The mage class is a great beginners class for short ranged classes. With all of the classes abilities being short ranged, you can devastate a warrior and 1 shot him with ease if you just freeze him and use your Ultimate explosion and Pulse Sphere if he's still frozen. Though you should avoid long distance fights because your attack will do little to kill your opponent, and time the abilities well or your done for.