Recon is one of the Main Classes and on the Assassin Branch alongside Ninja,It can be used after get the Advanced Badge in the game,He is the only one who can stealth fully,also good at assassinated your enemies from behind and find the opening to attack but carefully if you get hit,you lost your stealth,It may strong but also a lack of health,Use him if you prefer go for the slient kill or camping


Left Click:Disk Slash

Slash at the enemy and deals 200 damage,0.4s cooldown

Ability 1:Ghost Stealth

The user turn Stealth,if the Stealth Meter is at 0 or below or get hit,the stealth will break

Ability 2:Disk Throw

The user Throw out 3 disks at 3 direction,deals 150 damage from afar,deals 450 damage in close,5s cooldown

Critical:Cyber Break

Perform the Cyber explosion to apply Armor Break to all enemies nearby