Slayer is the one of the Master Class that can be use when you have a Master,it is Alongside Monk,Lancer,Paladin and Other Master,this class is the Assassin and is pure Melee type,If you using this well,you should have no problem,use this class well or die in the open


Left Click:Double Slash

Slash at the Target,dealing 180 damage.0-4 seconds cooldown

Ability 1:Chaos Strike

The user dash and spin forward,deal 100 damage+Bloodlust/2.5,Damaging the enemies or Taking Damage from them will give you BloodLust,Deal more damage depending on How Much BloodLust you have,3seconds cooldown

Ability 2:Chaos Waves

Slash 2 times and create 2 waves,dealing 80 damage,5 seconds cooldown

Critical:Destruction Zone

The user spin 5 times and deal AoE damage to enemies nearby,deal ??? damage.