Sniper is one of the Elite Class and On the Marksman Branch alongside Scout,Its role is Marksman,It is a Long Range Shooter,Its Energy Grenade is good against Brawler Classes,Its only can be used after having the Elite Badge


Left Click:Pistol Shot

Shoot at the enemy and deals 135 damage,0.4s cooldown

Ability 1:Snipe Mode

The user enter the Sniper Mode that shoot out the fast projectlie,deal 400 damage on enemy hit,deal more damages on the marked enemies,2s cooldown

Ability 2:Energy Grenade

Throw out a grenade that explode after a few sec or impact with an enemy,deal 350 damage,5s cooldown

Critical:Headshot Sight

Apply Headshot Mark to all the enemies either in range or infront of you,Marked Target take higher damage from the Sniper Mode