Spearman is one of the Advanced Classes and in the Brawler Branch alongside Knight,its Type is Brawler/Assassin,It is a Stabber and Attack Buffer.Can Be Used Only have a Advanced Badge.


Left Click:Spear Slash

Slash at the enemy,dealing 150 damage,200 damage with Attack Buff on,0.4s cooldown

Ability 1:Sharp Edge

The user give himself a Attack Buff,if he have a Attack Buff on,his attack will turn into a stab,8s cooldown

Ability 2:Spear Leap

The user leap and spin forward with the spear,deals 150 damage,200 damage with Attack Buff on,4s cooldown.

Critical:Spear Wave

The user spin his spear and rapidly spin out 5 waves attack and deal ??? damage and knocking back all enemies.