Tactician is also one of the Master Class,Alongside Monk,Lancer,Paladin and More Masters,Its type is Marksman/Support,It shoots Piercing Bullet that ignore Armor,you can use its 2nd Ability to either dash to your enemies or Dash Away from them,Choose this if you prefer Disabling their Abilities


Left Click:Piercing Bullet

Shoot out the Bullet that deals 150 damage and ignore Armor,0.5 seconds cool down

Ability 1:Disable Shots

The user Shoot out 3 sphere that deals 100 damage and Apply Disable Effect,7 seconds cool down

Ability 2:Shield Edge

After 0-5s delay,the user lunge forward with the shield,deals 250 damage,5 seconds cool down

Critical:Tactical Command

After 1s delay,Heal yourself and allies for 50%missing health and gain Attack Buff