Technomancer is one of the Master Class alongside Tactician,Paladin,Monk,Slayer and Other Masters,Its Role is Marksman,It is a Long Ranged Shooter and a Time Stopper,Hes good at Shooting through Knight'sMighty Shield and Duelist's Deflect,Also good at using Teleport pad to either put to nearby health cubes or get away from the fights,He may a good shooter but its lack of speed like Grenadier,He can be used after having a Master Badge.


Left Click:Techno Beam

Fire a laser with a short warmup that doesnt go through walls,deals 200 damage on enemy hit,0.4s cooldown

Ability 1:Teleport Pad

Place a pad that can be used to teleport between two pads,you lose both of it if you die,??s cooldown

Ability:Sticky Grenade

After a grenade is stuck to an object or at the enemy,click again to detonate it which inflicts 150 damage and apply Time Stop Effect,5s cooldown

Critical:Orbital Strike

Drop a pad infront that summons a drone strike,deals ??? damage and apply Time Stop effect