The hub is a place where players can hang out during intermission times and/or wait until the current round ends. They can customize the looks of their class, test them out, or choose another one. If you want to know where you will first spawn, head down to the Classes section.

The main Hub area where you'll spawn once you pick a class.

The Center.

The Center

It's a place where you can find out who has the most points in the server, current news, version history, and the general rules for good sportmanship. It connects to the rest of what the hub has to offer as well.


The entrance to the training area. 2 players are already in it.

The Training area where 2 people are already inside.

This will take you to an area where you can test our abilities and will get you more familiar with your class. It contains many kinds of unique features, including a distance stud mat, an area filled with dummies that can sometimes run around the area, and tombstones describing the icons that appears on the class. You could also train your jumping skills by going along the side of the area, where you can jump on the frames of the walls.

The Stud Distance Mat

The Stud Distance Mat

The Training area filled with aligned dummies

Training area filled with aligned dummies


Color door

The entrance to the Color area. Someone is already in there with custom colors on their class.

Here, you can be able to customize your class appearance to the fullest extent. It requires nothing to be paid to edit the colors on your class. On each side of the area, there will be a bunch of color panels. The one to the left will be for the color of your weapon. (or bullet, magic ball, etc) and the neon lines that appears around your armor. The other side will color the actual armor itself.


The Hunter class customized with pure black armor and a yellow crossbow.

Unfortunately, you can't edit the colors of gamepass characters and Special (Badge) characters.


A gamepass class (Elementalist) unable to change the color of it's armor.


This is where you first spawn when you enter the game. It's a room filled with a bunch of characters. Being Basic > Elite. There's also doors that will lead you to more classes of different tiers. You will immediately spawn in the hub once you select a class.

The Bazaar

This isn't currently Implimented at the moment. It will likely be a place where you can spend coins for ingame benefits.