The Theif is one of the basic classes available at the start. Alongside with Mage, Warrior, and Archer. The class is a pure Melee type, meaning it will have a hard time against ranged classes if it's put afar.


Left Click: Theif Slash

Swipes at a target, dealing 100 damage. 0.4-second cooldown.

Ability 1: Spin Leap

The user leaps ~25 studs to it's target if on the ground. it will also do a dive if used in the air.

Ability 2: Crimson Stab

Stabs 10 studs away, causing 350 damage and can steal critical power.

Critical: Crimson Daggers

Will make the user be able to throw 5 daggers. They deal ??? damage and cause armor break debuff.